The Institut für Kulturkonzepte, headed by Karin Wolf, is an independent institution which advertises its programme of continuing education throughout Europe.

Seminars, consultation and coaching offered at Kulturkonzepte are specially developed for the cultural field and concentrates the connection of theory and practice while taking into account the personal aims and capabilities of the participants.

Kulturkonzepte's clients, contractors and co-operation partners fund or represent cultural organisations, bodies, and institutions.

The core of the programme are regular seminars on the fundamentals of cultural management. Participants can also complete these seminars as a training course with a certificate from Institut für Kulturkonzepte.

Experienced trainers develope and hold for teams and institutions seminars that focus on every element of organization as well as on the marketing of culture.

Consultations are tailored to suit the needs of organisations and project teams. Experts are available for immediate questions of organisation and marketing as they arise in the course of the culture project.


Individual job coaching offers orientation in career planning and assistance in evaluating and realising a business idea.

All trainers and consultants of the institute have professional experience in cultural management and are recognized experts in their field. Regular instructors at the bbw-Akademie in Berlin, Germany are among those teaching at Kulturkonzepte.

As an active member of ENCATC - European Network of Cultural Administration Centres and Culture Action Europe, Kulturkonzepte is committed to providing cultural and intercultural management in the international field.