EAM – European Arts Management for Cultural Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Our new Postgraduate University Master Programme in Graz starting in September 2018 in Cooperation with theuate University Master Programme Postgraduate University Master ProgrammeKarl-Franzens-University Graz



The Postgraduate University Master Programme, European Arts Management, offers professionals a high-quality education with respect to the successful management of a cultural business within an international context. This especially includes the development of a business strategy, goal-setting and the use of appropriate methods.



You are a professional cultural leader, cultural entrepreneur or cultural administrator with at least 3 years of work experience and with leadership tasks as central elements of your job. Either you are positioned in a leading position in your organisation or your work requires already many leadership tasks and you work on your own responsibility.


Through the participation you will

  • upgrade your leadership skills and enhance your career opportunities
  • participate in the actual academic discourse on cultural management
  • broaden your international network
  • improve your cooperation skills on the European Level
  • reflect and discuss your real life project with experts in theory and practice



MODULE A The Entrepreneurial Approach

This module is intended to upgrade your entrepreneurial skills. Seminars and workshops focus on the economic challenges of art organisations.


MODULE B Human Resource Development and Staff Development

This module deal with the theory and practice of Human Resources Management in cultural organisations and with leadership skill.


MODULE C The Global Perspective

This module investigates the logic and the structures of international cooperation on the European Level. A one-week-excursion to Brussels brings us to the centre of European cultural policy.


MODULE D Personal Development

This module aims to enhance your personal skills, which are crucial for successful cultural management and entrepreneurship: presentation skills and conflict solving skills.


Excursion to Brussels

Brussels is the capital of the European Union as well as a vibrant cultural city. We will have appointments with members of relevant European institutions (culture and creative industries), we will meet representatives of cultural advocacies and networks. At the time of our Brussels excursion, the annual Kunsten Festival will take place and will provide many opportunities to network with international cultural managers and entrepreneurs



If your Master’s thesis and final exam are rated positively you will receive the title MA in Cultural Management, awarded by the Karl-Franzens-University Graz.



Euro 8.850 (methods of payment)

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Attendance Phases

All in all you have to be present in Graz and Brussels for 36 days and 3 days for the final exam.



During the meetings, there will be online courses and skype talks for several hours per month.


Working Groups/Peer Groups

You will communicate with your peers to examine contents in greater depth and have continuing exchange. Time management is flexible.


Development of your Project

Between the residential sessions and the evaluation phase, the trainees return to their jobs in their countries, and in parallel work on their own project. Time management is flexible.




The main focus of your work is in organising and communicating within the art world. You are an experienced cultural manager, you know how to run an art organisation, like e.g. a festival, a museum or a theatre. You are a member of the creative industries and run your own cultural company, e.g. an architects’ studio or a PR agency, whose clients are art organisations or artists. You work as a cultural administrator on a regional or federal level and you are responsible for giving fundings and evaluating projects. You work in the art and sponsoring department in a company, you are responsible for the corporate collection or the sponsorship programme.


You want to develop your skills further and reflect on your current way of working on an academic level. At the same time you want to expand your international network and you are interested in cross sector communication. In the future, you want to work and cooperate on an European level, you want to get in contact with other professionals worldwide and exchange knowledge and experience.

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For information please contact us personally:

Karin Wolf

Phone number: 0043 1 58 53 999

or visit the website of UNI for LIFE.

Find detailed information about the Programme on the website of UNI for LIFE or in the PDF-folder


Foto: Scott Webb